Suzanna buys JAH $47.48: Jarden Corp. (JAH) Rose Sharply Following Yankee Candle Acquisition

Jarden Corp. (JAH) Rose Sharply Following Yankee Candle Acquisition RTT News - Sep 4, 2013 Jarden Corp. (JAH: Quote) announced Tuesday that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire scented candle firm Yankee Candle Investments LLC for about $1 ... (more)

Date Volume OpenHigh Low Close
6.9.13 ---                  193370047.1047.8247.00 47.48
5.9.13 ----            ---- 1199060047.0247.6546.70 47.00
4.9.13  ------            - 299080046.4147.4745.72 47.21
3.9.13 ------------      -- 515250044.2347.6744.23 47.43
30.8.13              ---     57690043.6443.6442.88 42.95
29.8.13             ---      50120043.2743.9543.19 43.54
28.8.13              ---     58130043.6043.6943.09 43.27
27.8.13           ----       88500044.3844.6443.54 43.64
26.8.13        ---           25820045.0845.4644.91 44.99
23.8.13         --           36780045.0645.1844.73 44.99
22.8.13        ----          69670044.6845.3244.57 45.00
21.8.13         ---          68800045.0545.1844.60 44.64
20.8.13        --            70930045.2245.4345.00 45.18
19.8.13       ----           81040045.6445.7144.92 45.14
16.8.13     ---              40440045.8446.2245.61 45.71
15.8.13     ---              65800046.2946.5345.70 45.91
14.8.13 ---                  44270047.5447.6846.86 46.96
13.8.13 ---                  87210047.4047.5947.10 47.50
12.8.13 --                   64350047.2947.6947.18 47.29
9.8.13 ---                  47700047.4247.5546.92 47.48

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JARDEN CORP : All-Pro Linebacker Patrick Willis Joins Rawlings Football's ... (press release) - 23 hours ago ST. LOUIS, Sept. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Rawlings Sporting Goods Company, Inc., a subsidiary of Jarden Corporation (NYSE: JAH), today ... (more)
Jarden Corp (JAH), General Mills, Inc. (GIS), Whirlpool Corporation (WHR ... Insider Monkey (blog) - 5 hours ago Peter Lynch's most famous investment principle is to "invest in what you know." New investors always hesitate to make their first ... (more)
JARDEN CORP : Jarden Unveils Share Offering to Fund Yankee Candle Buy (press release) - 10 hours ago Jarden Corp. (JAH) unveiled an offering of 11.6 million shares, the proceeds of which will be used to fund part of its acquisition of Yankee Cand ... (more)
Yankee Candle sees growth, continued local manufacturing, in $1.75 billion ... MassLive.com - Sep 3, 2013 “Jarden has bought this company to own it. They didn't buy it to flip it,” said Ben Branch, professor of finance, and mergers and acquisitions ... (more)
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