Sherly buys AAPL $495.27: Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone Event: What Are We Getting On September 10?

Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone Event: What Are We Getting On September 10? ValueWalk - 8 hours ago The report was authored by Jefferies Analyst Peter Misek, and also takes a look at the likely moves in Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) stock price after the announcement. (more)

Virgil bought Apple Inc..

Date Volume OpenHigh Low Close
5.9.13   ---              8441600500.2500.7493.6 495.3
4.9.13  ---             - 12322500499.6502.2496.3 498.7
3.9.13   ----           - 11860700493.1500.6487.4 488.6
30.8.13     ---          - 9728600492.0492.9486.5 487.2
29.8.13    --              8559100491.6496.5491.1 491.7
28.8.13    ----          - 10985900486.0495.8486.0 490.9
27.8.13  ------         -- 15149500498.0502.5486.3 488.6
26.8.13 ---              - 11820100500.8510.2500.5 503.0
23.8.13  --                7954600503.3503.4499.4 501.0
22.8.13  --                8721600505.0505.6498.2 503.0
21.8.13 ---              - 11995600503.6507.1501.2 502.4
20.8.13 ---              - 12810200509.7510.6500.8 501.1
19.8.13 --              -- 18232700504.3513.7504.0 507.7
16.8.13  --              - 12939400500.1502.9498.9 502.3
15.8.13  -----          -- 17510500496.4502.4489.1 497.9
14.8.13  ----          --- 27013200497.9504.2493.4 498.5
13.8.13    --------    --- 31497800470.9494.7468.1 489.6
12.8.13           -----  - 13015400456.9468.6456.6 467.4
9.8.13              --  - 9557800458.6460.5453.6 454.4
8.8.13             --     9142800463.9464.1457.9 461.0

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