Kati buys KO $39.4: Coca-Cola apologises to family over 'You Retard' bottle cap message

Coca-Cola apologises to family over 'You Retard' bottle cap message Metro - Sep 20, 2013 Drinks company Coca-Cola has apologised to a family who found a 'You Retard' message printed inside a bottle cap. Shocked Blake Loates, from Alberta, C ... (more)

Deandrea, George, Marvella, and Ronnie bought Coca-Cola Company.

Date Volume OpenHigh Low Close
20.9.13   ------        -- 3069850039.2739.4038.78 39.40
19.9.13 -----            - 1423710039.6439.6739.15 39.31
18.9.13 ----------       - 1808550038.8139.6038.58 39.59
17.9.13     ----           1288320038.8139.0938.79 38.79
16.9.13    -----           1340010039.0339.2038.74 38.86
13.9.13        ----        1162360038.5638.7438.42 38.69
12.9.13         ----       1211410038.5938.6138.28 38.44
11.9.13        ---         1199760038.6838.7838.53 38.78
10.9.13        ---         1175970038.7738.7838.51 38.63
9.9.13          ---       1060850038.4638.5638.27 38.52
6.9.13         ------   - 1397770038.4238.6238.10 38.35
5.9.13         ------   - 1429100038.6338.6938.06 38.24
4.9.13        --------- - 1914410037.8838.7337.81 38.54
3.9.13           ------ - 1906900038.2738.4037.80 37.90
30.8.13            ----  - 1429670038.1638.2838.00 38.18
29.8.13           ----   - 1421760038.4738.4738.10 38.10
28.8.13          -----   - 1924540038.0638.5338.05 38.35
27.8.13             ---- - 1674290037.9838.2437.80 38.15
26.8.13          -----     1274050038.6038.6038.11 38.12
23.8.13         ----       1130300038.6138.6138.37 38.52

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NASCAR After The Lap Sponsored By Ford Motor Company And Coca-Cola ... Las Vegas Sun - Sep 20, 2013 DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (Aug. 16, 2013) - NASCAR® announced today NASCAR After The Lap sponsored by Ford and Coca-Cola will return to Las Vegas for the fifth c ... (more)
Coca-Cola apologises after customer finds 'YOU RETARD' printed inside bottle ... Daily Mail - 6 hours ago Drinks giant Coca-Cola has apologised to a family after it found 'You Retard' printed inside a bottle cap. Blake Loates, from Alberta, ... (more)
SABMILLER PLC : Cervecería Hondureña receives regional recognition from ... (press release) - Sep 18, 2013 The monitoring evaluations carried out by The Coca-Cola Company measure product and packaging quality ratings, as well as certifications ... (more)
Coca-Cola blames bilingual promotion for 'You Retard' message under bottle cap Canada.com - 9 hours ago Maddi is visually impaired “but gets along just fine,” Doug Loates wrote in an angry letter to Coca-Cola, Vitaminwater's parent company. ... (more)
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