Keiko buys SSO $87.34: ProShares Ultra S&P500 (ETF)(NYSEARCA:SSO), United States Oil Fund LP ...

ProShares Ultra S&P500 (ETF)(NYSEARCA:SSO), United States Oil Fund LP ... SBWire (press release) - 9 hours ago Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/21/2013 -- EquityObserver.com covers the breadth of the markets, from stocks and bonds to ETFs, options, emer ... (more)

Lindsay, Veronique, and Athena bought Ultra S&P 500 Proshares.

Date Volume OpenHigh Low Close
20.9.13 ----             -- 565340089.0689.0787.29 87.34
19.9.13 --                - 524730089.4789.5488.49 88.68
18.9.13 -----            -- 680480086.8789.4486.45 88.95
17.9.13    --               272190086.3486.9786.33 86.95
16.9.13    ---            - 517670087.0087.1085.90 86.20
13.9.13       --          - 380320085.0285.3284.61 85.15
12.9.13       --          - 476110085.2285.4384.58 84.87
11.9.13       --         -- 606310084.5185.2784.21 85.23
10.9.13        -         -- 548880084.5084.7784.14 84.73
9.9.13         ---       - 491710082.3483.6082.33 83.53
6.9.13          -----  --- 837220082.3782.8580.40 81.87
5.9.13           --      - 376260081.7282.2881.63 81.75
4.9.13            ----   - 444420080.3781.9280.08 81.65
3.9.13             ---- -- 696490081.1381.4879.66 80.28
30.8.13              --- -- 615260080.4680.4679.15 79.57
29.8.13             ---- -- 567250079.5180.9779.38 80.11
28.8.13              --- -- 608830079.2780.4379.06 79.84
27.8.13             ------- 1183170080.3480.9779.21 79.30
26.8.13          ---      - 461330082.7683.2781.88 81.99
23.8.13           --      - 360440082.5182.7881.75 82.55

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