Marybeth buys WHR $149.71: Whirlpool Corp.'s Buy Rating Reaffirmed at Bank of America Corp. (WHR)

Whirlpool Corp.'s Buy Rating Reaffirmed at Bank of America Corp. (WHR) North Fork Vue - 3 hours ago Whirlpool Corp. logo Whirlpool Corp. (NYSE:WHR)'s stock had its “buy” rating reaffirmed by Bank of America Corp. (more)

Rickie bought Whirlpool Corp..

Date Volume OpenHigh Low Close
19.9.13 --              --- 1420500150.6151.8149.0 149.7
18.9.13  ------         --- 1777200144.6149.8141.9 149.8
17.9.13     ----         -- 950400141.2144.0140.5 143.0
16.9.13       --        --- 1542200139.7141.9139.2 141.2
13.9.13          --       - 739700135.7137.2134.7 137.0
12.9.13          ---      - 670700135.8137.1134.5 134.9
11.9.13          --      -- 1166700137.0137.4134.9 135.8
10.9.13          --       - 566800136.4137.0135.0 137.0
9.9.13          -----   -- 914000132.2136.5131.5 135.6
6.9.13             ----  - 771800130.6132.5128.8 131.4
5.9.13             ---   - 572500131.6132.0129.4 129.5
4.9.13             ---- -- 979400128.4132.0128.2 131.8
3.9.13              ---  - 562700131.0131.2128.0 128.6
30.8.13              ---  - 552300129.9130.6128.0 128.7
29.8.13              ---    467800128.6131.5128.6 129.8
28.8.13               --    523300128.5130.2128.1 128.8
27.8.13             ------- 1199900131.5132.5127.6 128.7
26.8.13          ----     - 644300134.1136.7132.7 133.1
23.8.13          ---     -- 893000136.9137.5134.2 134.3
22.8.13          ----    -- 1019300132.2137.3132.1 136.9

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WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION : Whirlpool and Indiana University Partnering on ... (press release) - 3 hours ago BENTON HARBOR, Mich., Sept. 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- As students get into the swing of things with a new school year, students at Indiana Uni ... (more)
Insider Selling: Michael Todman Sells 69000 Shares of Whirlpool Corp. Stock ... North Fork Vue - 13 hours ago Whirlpool Corp. logo Whirlpool Corp. (NYSE:WHR) Insider Michael Todman unloaded 69,000 shares of Whirlpool Corp. stock on the open market in a tra ... (more)
Insider Selling: Whirlpool Corp. Insider Unloads 69000 Shares of Stock (WHR) WKRB News - 2 hours ago Whirlpool Corp. logo Whirlpool Corp. (NYSE:WHR) Insider Michael Todman sold 69,000 shares of Whirlpool Corp. stock on the open market in a transaction that ... (more)
Whirlpool Corporation To Present At The Telsey Advisory Group Consumer ... DigitalJournal.com - Sep 9, 2013 BENTON HARBOR, Mich., Sept. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Whirlpool Corporation (NYSE: WHR), the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of major ho ... (more)
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