Paige buys AAPL $498.22: Apple Inc. (AAPL) Developing 17W Power Supply For Mystery Product

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Developing 17W Power Supply For Mystery Product ValueWalk - Sep 4, 2013 Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) apparently has some kind of entirely new product in the pipeline, but at this point, it's still unclear exactly what it is. (more)

Sherly and Virgil bought Apple Inc..

Date Volume OpenHigh Low Close
6.9.13   ----           - 12840100498.4499.4489.9 498.2
5.9.13   ---              8441600500.2500.7493.6 495.3
4.9.13  ---             - 12322500499.6502.2496.3 498.7
3.9.13   ----           - 11860700493.1500.6487.4 488.6
30.8.13     ---          - 9728600492.0492.9486.5 487.2
29.8.13    --              8559100491.6496.5491.1 491.7
28.8.13    ----          - 10985900486.0495.8486.0 490.9
27.8.13  ------         -- 15149500498.0502.5486.3 488.6
26.8.13 ---              - 11820100500.8510.2500.5 503.0
23.8.13  --                7954600503.3503.4499.4 501.0
22.8.13  --                8721600505.0505.6498.2 503.0
21.8.13 ---              - 11995600503.6507.1501.2 502.4
20.8.13 ---              - 12810200509.7510.6500.8 501.1
19.8.13 --              -- 18232700504.3513.7504.0 507.7
16.8.13  --              - 12939400500.1502.9498.9 502.3
15.8.13  -----          -- 17510500496.4502.4489.1 497.9
14.8.13  ----          --- 27013200497.9504.2493.4 498.5
13.8.13    --------    --- 31497800470.9494.7468.1 489.6
12.8.13           -----  - 13015400456.9468.6456.6 467.4
9.8.13              --  - 9557800458.6460.5453.6 454.4

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